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Super Mario Bros Power of the Two heroes

Posted by AsylusGoji91 - 1 month ago


Besides Godzilla vs. Koopzilla Part 1 and 2 which is the part of my universe - Godzilla King of the Monsters Colossus Universe, and Super Mario Bros. Heroes of the Stars, I working on the crossover of Super Mario Bros, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super - SUPER MARIO BROS Power of the Two Heroes.

As I said about the storyline before - The storyline is about Frieza is resurrected by Phantom Guy (which is created by ShadeFalcon - creator of his old), after was chosen to conquer two worlds to creating his own empire, but before that, he needs to kill Goku to fulfill his revenge.

And somehow Phantom Guy transports two Z-Fighters to Mario's World, so Frieza can kills the Saiyan from Earth and the legendary hero of Mushroom Kingdom, Mario.

And Goku and Mario needs to found the Star Spirits and Dragon Balls, before Frieza, Phantom Guy or even worse, Bowser will conquer two worlds.

In order to found the Crystal Stars and the Dragon Balls, our heroes need to split out to teams, Mario, Luigi and Caulifla are going with Goku, and Luigi, Wario and Yoshi are going with Vegeta.

Do you know why I put Caulifla there? Well, I saw episodes of her fighting Goku in the Tournament of Power, her powers, her first SSJ Transformation, her attitude, her tough, but seductive voice, I think I saw her like a tough, but strong and attractive female Saiyan.

So yeah, that's why I added her in this series.

But this sprite movie is not related to Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, so this movie happens when Caulifla was transported from Universe 6 into Mario's world thanks to Phantom Guy, and meets Goku for the first time, and transforms into SSJ for the first time. And of course what if Frieza's not suffering in Earth's Hell in Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F. In Earth's Hell in my sprite movie, Frieza stood on the rocky mountain and training himself to become stronger and waiting for someone who's going to revive him.

But just like Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F, Frieza wants his revenge against Goku in Planet Namek.

Phantom Guy is the Shy Guy from Underwhere, and has the power to resurrect Frieza back, and transport Vegeta, Goku and Caulifla into Mario's world. And he planned to collect the Dragon Balls for grant his immortality.

Also, this movie is kind of remake of SXR123's Sonic The Hedgehog Two Worlds Collide, but instead of Sonic characters, I choose Mario characters, and this movie has no voice acting, only give them voice clips and I added dialogue textboxes just like the old days of Super Mario Bros Z aka SMBZ.

Hope you like the idea.